Sliced Snacks

Perfect for On-The-Go!

Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Snacks

The Mott’s® brand has long been known for its consistent quality and product safety. Today that tradition continues with Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Apples and Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Apples with Dip. These apple products combine the ultimate in convenience with fresh taste and fabulous health benefits.

Each Mott’s® Fresh sliced snack product features cored and sliced red or green apples packaged in transparent bags for easy inspection. These packages of fruit are ready to eat anytime for a flavorful on-the-go or at home snack option.


Apple Slices

There’s nothing like the pure and refreshing taste of ripe apples. Available in re-sealable, multi-serve bags or single serving packages, Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Apples are the perfect on-the-go snack for everyone—anytime and anyplace!

These packages of sliced red or green apples are the perfect addition to lunches. Take them to the office, to school, or to kid’s after school activities like soccer. A serving of slices contains well over 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C making them a fun, wholesome snack that encourages kids to eat healthy.


Did You Know?

Most healthy diets allow for one or two snacks a day. Choosing fruits and vegetables allows you to eat a nutritious snack with 100 calories or less. A 2-ounce serving of Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Apples is only 30 calories!

Research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics revealed that the majority of children in the United States don’t meet the daily recommended 2½ cups of vegetables and 1½ cups of fruit each day.* Here are three ways to get your kids to eat more fruit (and vegetables):

  1. Make it fun to explore options.
  2. Let them choose.
  3. Help them prepare or participate in preparation.


Apples with Dip

In today’s busy world, the temptation to eat junk food presents a real challenge for adults and kids alike. Smart snacking means finding taste sensations that are convenient and delicious.

Mott’s® Fresh Sliced Apples with Dip is one smart snack that’s convenient at home, work, school, or on-the-go. It’s the wholesome snack option that also tastes great.