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Fresh is in our roots. More than 100 years ago, way up in North Dakota, an entrepreneur named Charles Robinson set out to satisfy increasing demand for fresh products. Today, we are Robinson Fresh®, and we continue to honor our heritage and focus on everything fresh, from local and regional fields of root vegetables and juicy tomatoes, to the tropical flavors of citrus and mangos, and beyond.

As one of the largest produce companies in the world, we take pride in working closely with our growers to grow the conventional and organic produce you and your family crave. We provide our growers with innovative programs and solutions, so that today’s land-loving farmers can sustain and thrive for generations, and so that your family can enjoy an abundance of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables, year round.

Wherever fresh is grown, Robinson Fresh is there.

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Please contact us to share your questions, comments, or concerns about any of our Mott’s® Fresh products such as Sliced Apples and Dippers. Your information will be used strictly by us and will not be given to others.

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