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Sometimes I find a white substance on my apples. What is that?
That white residue is probably wax reacting to an overexposure to heat or moisture by turning white. According to Produce Marketing Association and the Produce for Better Health Foundation, this whitening is safe and is similar to that of a candy bar that has been in the freezer. Most apples have a wax covering—natural or commercial wax. The wax covering protects the fruit from moisture loss and decay.
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Why is there wax on apples?
Wax helps the fruit retain its moisture throughout the journey from the orchard to your home. Apples actually produce a natural wax for this same purpose; however this natural wax is washed off in apple packing houses so a non-harmful, edible, commercial wax is then applied to protect the fruit. Waxes can also help prevent apples from molding, bruising, and decaying.
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How should I wash fresh apples?
Like all produce, wash your apples in clean drinking water before eating—not before storing. Produce can pick up impurities while in storage, so it’s best to wash just before eating.
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Should I use detergent or bleach when I wash my fresh apples?
No. Experts suggest not using detergent or bleach when washing apples as it is not healthy to eat those substances. Simply rinse with clean water for about 1 minute, and then dry with a clean paper towel.
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What food safety precautions do Mott’s® Fresh Apples take?
We take extra steps to ensure the best food safety by:

  • Using quality inspection teams to monitor each step of the process to enforce stringent Mott's® standards.
  • Hiring a third party company, Primus Labs, a well-respected food safety consulting and certification organization, to audit packer’s food safety practices.
  • Labeling all Mott's® Fresh Apples with place of origin.
  • Encouraging you to give us feedback via our toll-free phone number and interactive Web site in order for us to server you better.

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