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The Mott's® brand has long been known for its consistent quality and product safety. Today that tradition continues with Mott's® Sliced Apples and Sliced Apples with Dip. These apple products combine the ultimate in convenience with fresh taste and fabulous health benefits.

Each product features cored and sliced red or green apples packaged in transparent bags for easy inspection. These packages of fruit are ready to eat anytime for a flavorful, on-the-go or at home snack option.

apple slices

Apple Slices

There's nothing like the pure and refreshing taste of ripe apples. That's why Mott's® Sliced Apples is the perfect on-the-go snack for everyone—anytime and anyplace!

These packages of sliced red or green apples are the perfect addition to lunches. They're available in re-sealable, multi-serve bags or single serving packages. A serving of slices contains well over 100% of vitamin C. Use them at the office, at school, or at soccer. They make a fun, wholesome snack that also encourages kids to make healthy eating decisions. Use them in baking as part of your weight-loss plan to create meals that include more fruits and vegetables.

Whenever you want to eat healthy, eat Mott's® Sliced Apples. Women's Health Magazine has selected Mott's® Sliced Apples as one of the top 125 packaged foods for women, and ABC News Now has featured them in its health segment.


apple dipApples with Dip

In today's busy world, the temptation to eat junk food presents a real challenge for parents and kids alike. Smart snacking means finding taste sensations that are convenient and delicious.

Mott's® Sliced Apples with Dip is one smart snack that's convenient at home, work, school, or on the go. It's the wholesome snack option that also tastes great.


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